Levels of Soul Life

Understanding Your Souls Progress

Levels of Soul Life is a book about the different stages of soul lives we all experience.

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Levels of Soul Life

This book, written by psychic medium Alicia Johansen, explains how souls of different levels perceive life, how they interact with other levels, and how we can all identify and help other level souls.

Understanding the soul levels will provide tools to better understand yourself and your relationship with others.

You will be able to identify what you can do to nurture your relationships with other souls privately and professionally, and identify unhealthy or unbalanced relationships that require attention.

Levels of Soul Life is not a religion but a tool to categorize and explain the different stages at which a soul exists.

“It is a way of knowing how to relate to others by simply knowing who they are in their essence.”
- Alicia Johansen

What's Inside The Book

The Bird on The Cover

When I started writing this book, I had yet to put much thought into how it should look and what colors or imagery should be in it. But then, one day, it hit me; I should include this beautiful story about this bird I have adored all my life.

A dear friend of mine, Rikke Fabricius, had painted a Shoe Bill stork for me in the prettiest purple colors, which is the painting you can see on the book cover.

Table of Contents

  • The Bird on The Cover
  • Intro
  • Chapter 1: Level One
  • Chapter 2: Level Two
  • Chapter 3: Level Two-And-a-Half
  • Chapter 4: Level Three
  • Chapter 5: Level Three-And-a-Half
  • Chapter 6: Level Four
  • Chapter 7: Level Five
  • Chapter 8: To Live Through Levels
  • Chapter 9: Feelings Don't Change
  • Chapter 10: I Know You, But From Where?
  • Chapter 11: Feeling Stuck
  • Chapter 12: Dying To Live, or Living To Die?
  • Chapter 13: Can You Walk Backwards or Forwards In Levels?


For many years I wanted to write a book on everything I live through. I wanted people to see the love the universe has for us all.

The basis for everything in life is love, and I have dedicated my life to teaching and spreading love.

This book came about after I took a long break from everything to realign my soul to the love I felt in my heart. I had to look at how I related to the world and allowed people in my life to relate to me. I realized that so many things did not make sense because of the stories I was told from spirits about other people. I saw, heard, and felt one thing, and people acted another way.

I spend a lot of time meditating and talking to spirits. After a while, I understood these levels and how to use them in my life.

I became more understanding and accepting of other people and the challenges they face in their lives and own level. I understood that people are not always aware of the path they follow. Because we are bombarded with other people telling us what to be and how to live, it often ends up with a search and a fight for things that are not right for us. It is the path of others and not aligned with our own soul.

Only when we understand that the path that is ours is just that - ours! You can get inspiration from people on other levels and learn from higher leveled souls, but you can never walk their path. The learning process is very personal, and the universe wants to work with you in all aspects of your life. You must listen to your soul and not live the life that others find right.

In this book, I explain the levels and how I am told the levels work. I have been shown so many beautiful paths and seen so many levels explained. I am passing this on to you as my reader with love and understanding. This can be the beginning of your alignment with the universe and your soul.

In understanding your own level, and your own path, you can achieve anything you want. The love that your soul needs is the love you fill yourself with every day when you are in a place of embracing your soul’s level.

The Levels

Level One

Keyword: Survival

This is the first of the levels in the soul life. It can be tough to find these people in modern society. They are basic people who will not easily conform to rules. They will seem simple, stupid, and almost undeveloped.

They are just not very far along in their learning path.

Level one souls are in so many ways helpless because they do not understand the rules of social interaction.

They are often put in institutions and can be very self-destructive. They have a hard time understanding that this body they are given is fragile and can be broken with little effort.

Level Two

Keyword: Belonging

The first thing that is a key point in level two is that it is all about belonging. When you are a soul on level two, you need to belong to a group or something bigger than yourself. It is mostly about morals and ethics. Understanding the rules of social relations.

This could be a religious group, a sports club, or any kind of group with strict guidelines and rules. It could even be a police officer or a member of the armed forces. It is all about being a part of something bigger and structured.

If you are a soul on level two and don’t have a place to belong to, you will do almost anything to find it. Even if that includes being part of illegal actions. This could be anything from drug dealing to political groups. It can also be sects, which these souls follow blindly.

Level Two-and-a-half

The half level is the transition between levels two and three. You need to move on when you have spent several lives, as many as needed, to belong and learn how to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

This is often hard because you are partly in level two and your urge to belong is great, and partly in level three, and your need to be independent is growing.

This can cause significant conflict inside you and your surroundings. If you need to belong but, on the other hand, need to be independent, those are very conflicting emotions.

Level Three

Keyword: Ego and me

After fighting its way out of level two and the collective mindset, the soul is ready to be on its own. This level can be tricky because it is a level of the ego.

After being taught on level one to survive and conform to basic rules, during level two, the soul has learned to belong. It is time to feel their ego and learn about being themselves.

Spotting a level three soul can be challenging because they do not always have their ego in front. They can hide it under other causes, but the reason for doing so is almost always personal gain.

Level Three-and-a-half

Level three-and-a-half is the transition between levels three and four. Often the readiness comes from being forced to realize that money cannot buy everything. It is a change through tragedy, which might be the most demanding road to travel.

I meet souls who have seen people die in their arms, unable to save them with things and money. Some souls regress to level two and just want to be where they follow others and have no say in anything. It is a pseudo-safety.

In actual soul life, you cannot move backward, only forward in levels. This is, therefore, a temporary state of mind.

Level Four

Keyword: Spirituality

Level four is the level of searchers. They are looking for more, an explanation for everything, and they want to know more and dig deeper.

They are constantly questioning why they are here, the meaning of everything, and how souls connect. They are often intelligent souls with a lot to offer spiritually.

As a soul moves along in level four, they become more and more spiritual and will often seek other like-minded. They will buy into many things with a spiritual tone to feel closer to the universe.

Level Five

Keyword: Guide

Level five is a spiritual level where spirituality is in everything. This does not refer to religious people; this only means spiritual beings.

Spirituality is filled with love, understanding, respect, and a more profound sense of connection. Many of these souls are walking away from materialism and the notion of possessing everything. Those who still want things are humble and thoughtful in their chosen items and possessions.

I have seen level-five souls who own angel cards, scriptures, and other things. They own what resonates with those they will help and teach in this life. They understand that things are not necessary for them as a soul but as a tool to teach others.

To Live Through The Levels

When I was first introduced to the notion of levels, I wondered how it would fit in with one person’s lifespan and this one life.

I have talked to spirits about it for years, and it has been puzzling my brain, at the same time, knowing it was true what they told me.

I wondered how a level four soul could be in such a lower-level experience at times, and then I understood. You must live through all the levels until your own during each human lifespan. On a mini scale, it reactivates memories and experiences of past lives on other levels.

That way, you can learn how far you have come by activating the prior lifetimes on lower levels. Then you can use your experiences from lives to move forward in this life. This can also make you take in patterns you don’t understand. These can be released with regression therapy.

Some people on the lower levels don’t know how to use prior lives in this lifetime, and higher-level souls, four and five, will use them in almost everything they do.

As a level one soul, you live in level one your whole human life. You start another life in level one when you pass over unless you have learned enough to level up to one and a half.

As a level two soul, you start your life with level one experiences to “remember” how level one is and know that you are farther on the soul life path.

As a level three soul, you start your life having level one, then two experiences, and the rest of your life in level three.

As a level Four soul, you start your life with level one experiences, being dependent on everyone else as a small child. Then you move on to level two, where it is about belonging. This is mainly in the school years, and the teenage years are the level three ego stage. Once a level four soul reaches level four, they find their spirituality and settle into a much calmer path.

This is very simplified, and there is not one manual that fits everyone. Some pass through lower levels faster than others, and some are slower. It is all a matter of the soul and the learning they have chosen for this life.

I have seen souls join level four very young before reaching their teen years. That makes them sound and act like old people, even as a child. Other souls are slower and not as far in levels, making it seem like they never grow up.

Sometimes when a lower-level soul thinks they have the long end of the stick, they impose their thoughts and beliefs of reality on others. A good example would be a father who is arguing with a young daughter over clothes. She says to him the clothes he picked are itchy and hurt her. On the other hand, he tells her that that is not true and does not matter since it is just clothes.

She is a higher-level sensitive soul; he is on a lower level compared to her and does not understand. He is thinking from his level and not embracing her thoughts and feelings. This would cause every morning to be mayhem. Only when another high-level adult tells him that it is actually true what his daughter is telling him will he believe it.

He would never have learned this from another low-level soul but only from a soul on a higher level. You cannot be taught to evolve from someone on a level lower than yours.

I was at a summer camp some years ago. I was standing under a tree talking to a lovely woman. Not too far from us, we saw her son coming up to her husband not too far from us. I was amazed at the scene that followed.

The boy, just five years old, wanted to go swimming. His father said no. I looked at the very strong-willed boy. His face just turned into an old man’s face. I was amazed at seeing a small boy with an old man’s face. He looked straight at his father and told him, “You might think you know best right now, but you don’t, and I want to go, and that is it. This is not a discussion.”

His father, who was used to this kind of talk, calmly said, “I understand what you are saying, but the answer is still no.”

The boy continued, “But you are not the one who knows best, even though you might think so.”

In a calm voice, his father told him again, “I am still saying no.”

The boy’s face turned back into his young face, and he said, “ok, I will just go for a ride on my bike.”

I was astonished at the scene that just played out before my eyes. I asked the woman if the boy ever acted too old for his age and as though he was his father’s own father. She said yes, all the time. She told me that he often turned on these talks about how old days were and how he knew better. She told me it felt like he was 70 years old at times. I told her what I had just seen and that he reactivates his former lives and levels whenever he needs to be assertive.

This was the first time I understood the past lives combined with the levels, because it was so obvious that this boy was turning his former lives on and off depending on what experience he needed to use. Today this boy is older and a preteen. He is a shining soul, sometimes just ten years old and other times an old man. He is amazing and will be one to move and change the world. His parents are handling this duality impressively.

This boy I just told you about is a clear message from spirit that reincarnation is a very real part of us all. More and more children are born with knowledge and understanding of past lives. This is because humanity has increased the number of souls on levels four and five. A process that has taken thousands and thousands of years. It is a testament to past lives and the ongoing evolution of levels. These children have so much to share, and they use it daily.

Using Levels of Soul Life

In Your Daily Life

True self

Get a better understanding of yourself, and learn how to best make use of your strengths and weaknesses.


Find how you identify levels, and how you best interact with people of different levels.


Become a visionary! When you know yourself and have tools to cooperate with others, there is no limit to your potential.


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